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VCagent - SIM W2003 x64

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VCagent - SIM W2003 x64

I have completed my first install of W2003 x64 and locally installed sp 7.51a, prior install from SIM was not right. SMH looks good but the vcagent is not right. Here is the error:

Version Control Repository Manager
No inventory information is available to obtain a list of Support Packs from. A valid Version Control Repository Manager that contains one or more Support Packs must be configured before a Reference Support Pack may be selected. If you have just selected a repository, please wait a few minutes and then refresh this page.

Set the Reference Support Pack
Click the Finish button to set the selected Reference Support Pack and save the settings. You can still save the Version Control Repository Manager settings without specifying a Reference Support Pack if none are available or you choose not to specify one.

SNMP is good, the cert is good. I can get directly to it from SIM.

In SIM I do not see a W2003 x64 specific support pack, yet the one I downloaded from HP for local install had a x64 label.

Any ideas?
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Re: VCagent - SIM W2003 x64


Copy the downloaded support pack i.e (7.51.w2k3es.x64.exe) to the Repository directory and rescan the Repository directory through VCRM. Now configure the VCA on x64 box to point to the above VCRM and I believe the support pack should show up at this time.
You can also run identification task against the VCRM system through SIM so that the support pack shows up in SIM.

Hope this helps.

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Re: VCagent - SIM W2003 x64

Looks like there may be some corruption in my catalog. There are 15 files, including major service packs showing a file size of 0K.