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VM Guests not being recognised in rebuilt HPSIM

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Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

VM Guests not being recognised in rebuilt HPSIM

Hi All,
Our existing HPSIM database had got rather large and was having performance problems. So, I took the decision to remove /reinstall HPSIM creating a new database on the way (the old one has been retained for the historical data).

With VMM, I've registered and licensed all of the VM Host Servers, and using the VM Icon for the VMHost can see all of the VM Guest Servers.

But, the VM Guest servers are staying as either Unknown or Unmanaged depending on whether we have SNMP installed or not when displayed from HPSIM.
Is there anything that I've missed that needs to be done to get the Guest VM Servers to be correctly recognised as Virtual Guest Servers and identified with the appropriate host server?

In addition, from the VM Performance Tab for the Host, if I click on the link for a VM Guest I just get an HTTP 500 error.
VMWare ESX 2.5.3, HPSIM 5.0 SP5, VMM 2.0.2
Frequent Advisor

Re: VM Guests not being recognised in rebuilt HPSIM

How about WEBM settings? You can check for the following

1. Make sure Under Options/Protocol Settings/WMI Mapper Proxy, the IP or name of the CMS is listed.
2. Please check system page of CMS and make sure WEB is listed under â Management Protocolsâ in the Product Description Table in the same.

If WEBM is not listed along with other management protocols, please add the CMS credential to the Global setting in HP SIM and rediscover the CMS.

Also, please add all the vm guests credentials to the globalsettings in HP SIM and rediscover them.

3 Make sure you have WMI/WMI core installed and service is started on the VM Guest.
4. Make sure the WEBM settings on CMS take care of the VMâ s that you have newly added.
5. Perform the discovery of VM from SIM Discovery menu.

Also check the hpvmmsvc.log for any errors. if the above steps do not work.
Frequent Advisor

Re: VM Guests not being recognised in rebuilt HPSIM

BTW, forgot to metion one point, unlike SIM the VMM database name remains the same and if you are suggesting that you retained the old database, this could have contributed to the problems that you are seeing.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: VM Guests not being recognised in rebuilt HPSIM

It was item 2, WBEM was not enabled for the CMS itself. That was interesting as I had successfully discovered teh EVA via WBEM.

Not too sure when that got removed.
I'm trying to avoid WBEM for general data collection as it tends to double up some material.