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VMM - No Icon in VM Column

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

VMM - No Icon in VM Column

Hi All,

I've added a new Virtual Server to our existing VMWare based Server.
Even after running Identify and Discovery, there is still no "i" icon in the VM Column.
The Server has been identified as a VMWare Virtual Platform and associated with the VMware Host.

If I run up the VMM Console, the Server is listed correctly along with the other Servers.
Unlike the other Virtual Servers, this one is a Windows 2000 Server, the others are W2003.
Anything different that needs to be done?

I've checked SNMP settings etc.

Another difference is that the new Server does not display the Disk Usage figures that the other Servers do.

HP VM Agent 7.20, VMware 2.5.0 Build 13053

Re: VMM - No Icon in VM Column

Hey Rob. I don't know if you ever got this issue resolved, but I had the same problem and only had to run a Software Polling Task to fix the issue.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: VMM - No Icon in VM Column

It was a while ago. And I think it was the SW Polling task that caught it.