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VMM agent causing SCSI reservation conflicts on ESX hosts

Trevor Budd
Occasional Visitor

VMM agent causing SCSI reservation conflicts on ESX hosts

We have 12 VMware ESX hosts runing ESX 3.5 U4. I am using HP Virtual Machine Management Pack 3.6 and have installed the VMM agent on all 12 hosts.

When the VMM agents are running I am seeing numerous messages in /var/log/vmkernel and /var/log/vmkwarning logs relating to failing I/O due to too many SCSI reservation conflicts.

These messages dissapear when I stop the hpvmmcntsvc service on the hosts.

I have added the VMConfigRefreshRate option to the hpvmm.conf file and set it to 300000, i.e. 5 minute poll, but the messages continue to be logged.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with the VMM agents on ESX hosts?

I have spoken to HP Support and they have advised me to download VMM version 3.7 when it becomes available during the middle of June.

I did ask whether this update addresses this specific issue but the support technician couldn't confirm this so I'm not too hopeful.