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VMWare ESX host (3.0.1) and HP SIM 5.2


VMWare ESX host (3.0.1) and HP SIM 5.2

Currently setting up our first VMWare ESX host server (3.0.1) and I'm trying to figure out how to leverage it with HP SIM (5.2).

Can someone advise if we are on the right track? I've downloaded the management agent needed at:〈=en&cc=us&idx=4&mode=4&

From what I've found thus far, we need to configure SNMP and than use this agent package.

On the Insight Manager side, is it simply a matter of discovering the Host ESX server and waiting for traps to filter in?

Going forward, it looks like we need to install OpenSSH on the CMS along with on any further ESX hosts and we can than discover ESX hosts directly from the CMS?

Any advice, much appreciated and Merry Xmas.


Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: VMWare ESX host (3.0.1) and HP SIM 5.2

Yes you're on the right track.
Look through the README file in the tar file, there's a way of editing up a file hpmgmt.conf to use in a silent install. It's a much better way of getting snmp configured as once right you can use the same conf file on other hosts.

Why ESX 3.0.1 for your first server? ESX 3.5 is now available and is up to a U3 release.

HPSIM should discover the host like any other host. If you're connecting to a SAN via HBAs then you'll also need to download and install some libraries so the Fibre Channel details show up correctly.
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Re: VMWare ESX host (3.0.1) and HP SIM 5.2

sorry to butt in on your thread but a quick congratulations to rob for getting to pharoah , you teetered on the brink there for quite a while !