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VMware Guest Servers - Disk Space Alerting

Oran Turner
Occasional Contributor

VMware Guest Servers - Disk Space Alerting

Some background...

We tested the HP VMM product on Insight Manager, but decided that VMware's Virtual Center is all we needed. Also, after some initial difficulty, we're now using WBEM to monitor our guest servers within Insight Manager.

Between the HP Insight Manager agents loaded on our ESX servers, and WBEM monitoring our guest servers, I feel like we have a reasonable level of coverage. However, we still don't have functional disk space alerts for our guest servers, such as what Insight Manager provides for physical servers.

Is there a solution to this problem available from HP via Insight Manager? I know there aren't agents for our guest servers, but is there any way to obtain disk space alerting for our VMware guest servers via Insight Manager, or will I need to look elsewhere?
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Re: VMware Guest Servers - Disk Space Alerting

Best guess - look elsewhere . . .
I cannot find a way to monitor Vmware guest computer disk space with HP SIM 5.0 sp #5.

I did *not* look into what, if anything, could be provided by WBem/WMI though.