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Re: VMware Hosts in HP SIM

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VMware Hosts in HP SIM

we want to manage our VMWare Hosts with HP SIM. What kind of licenses do we need? Can we get a trial licens to test the functions?
Thanks for help.

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Re: VMware Hosts in HP SIM

Yes, i think with the insight control dvd you get 30 days trial of Virtual Machine Managment i.e. VMM

I'd be interested in what you think of it. I tried it and didnt think it was worth the investment
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Re: VMware Hosts in HP SIM

I would recommend using SIM only for monitoring, have SIM agent installed on your ESX servers and get it integrated with SNMP for any hardware related alerts.

Use VCS for ESX/VM management which is much convenient and useful.

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Re: VMware Hosts in HP SIM

If you just want to monitor the hardware no licenses are required.
How you monitor them depends on whether you're running ESX or ESXi.
ESX uses agents, ESXi uses a WBEM add-on called the HP ESXi Offlince bundle.

HPSIM will also discover the guests without licences, but can do get some enhanced integration if you want to add the virtual machine manager.