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VPM 2.02

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VPM 2.02


I'm trying to make running VPM 2.02 (from Insight Control Center 1.02). And it looks like RADIA part fails to install all the time. I've found some references that there were issues with 1.x version on VPM and Windows 2003 SP1. As a solution it was proposed to turn off hyperthreading. In this case it does not work too.
System is running Windows 2003 R2 Std. All other components are form Insight Control Center 1.02 DVD.
Maybe someone heard anything about such problems? Any possible solutions?

Lucas Medina
Frequent Advisor

Re: VPM 2.02

Hi Dakl,

For now we don't have a knew solution for a problem with these characteristics.
Could you please either give us remote access to the failing machine or send us the log files from C:\vpmsetuplogs, C:\Program Files\HP\VPM\radia\IntegrationServer\logs and C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\logs.

Thanks for your help,