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VPM: acquire updates shows "running 0%"

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VPM: acquire updates shows "running 0%"


All I can find is a daily task execution
"Acquire Updates Running: 0% "
No StdOut, no StdErr,
and the tasks gets executed every day again and again...

Where can I find further information,
why there is no download ?

Is there any log I can check,
since the "general setup" is OK
(IE is working with the exactly same proxy server, no authentication necessary...)
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Re: VPM: acquire updates shows "running 0%"

HP SIM task execution initiates VPM tasks, but does not monitor them once intiated. You can delete or modify scheduled VPM tasks, from the HP SIM "View All Scheduled Tasks".

To view results of a VPM acquisition, scan or patch deployment, go to the Events tree on the left pane and look at the VPM events.

Each acquisition should have a start, scan definition update, scanner definition update and completion event. The completion event will give you details on the number of patches and bulletions downloaded.

You can also monitor acquisition progress via the c:\program files\hp\vpm\radia\IntegrationServer\logs\patch-acquire.log log file.
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Re: VPM: acquire updates shows "running 0%"

Thanks Jennifer,

I knew where to look for feedbacks.

My problem *was* that this task was started everyday but it never went to 2%, 10%, 50% or 100%, but always stayed at 0%. And the next day a new task was started, yet never finished.

I don't know why, but after traing out a lot of things, it suddenly works again and the aquisition run through every day.