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VSE issue

Lorenzo Facello
Valued Contributor

VSE issue

hi forum,
I have a itanium ia64 hp server rx1620 with B.11.23 U ia64. I've installed SIM and the VSE Virtual Server Environment for 11.23. After the installation with the command /opt/vse/bin/vseinitconfig -a all is working.
now.. If I would like to create a virtual machine what I need to do?

I read on the guide that I should install Inegrity Virtual Manager... but the depot always fail (see the attach)
what do you suggest???
fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: VSE issue


I tried to download the VM manager using IE and Mozilla. In both cases, I had the following messages : An HTTP error occurred while getting:

Details: "null".

As I am a bit stubborn, I tried again by refreshing the adress itself, it then worked in both cases. I downloaded the 21megs without any issues...

hope it helps

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Lorenzo Facello
Valued Contributor

Re: VSE issue

thanks fred,
but I receive this error during the installation...

ERROR: This system has VSEMgmt software installed and is an HP SIM CMS. Installation of VMMGR depends on HPVM software being installed, but use of HP SIM with VSEMgmt on an HPVM Host is not a supported configuration. As a result, VMMGR cannot be installed on this system. If the intent is to have this system be an HP SIM CMS that can manage an HPVM host, the HPVM and VMMGR software are not needed on this system and should not be installed. VM Management capability is built into the VSEMgmt software running within HP SIM. However, if this system is intended to be a VM Host to be managed by VM Manager running within SMH, the VSEMgmt and HP SIM software should be removed
before attempting to install VMMGR.

how can I create a virtual machine of unix/linux?
Lorenzo Facello
Valued Contributor

Re: VSE issue

when I try to Install the Integrity Virtual Manager I receive:
ERROR: Bundle, HPUXBaseAux,r=B.11.23.0609 or greater is required for HPVM to install.
Please upgrade HPUX to version 0609 or later before continuing

BUT!! I don't fine any bundle..
what can Ido?
Honored Contributor

Re: VSE issue

You need to upgrade your hole 11.23 release to HPUX to version 0609 at least. If you have a support contract, they should be sending them to you, or you can ask for hem using SUM.

you can have a look what release you have with:

[root@sdpp:~]# swlist -l bundle | grep -i oe
HPUX11i-OE B.11.23.0712 HP-UX Foundation Operating Environment Component

and update using update-ux
Windows?, no thanks