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Valid iLo/SIM topography? Cannot see SMH

Doxey C. Kemp
Occasional Contributor

Valid iLo/SIM topography? Cannot see SMH

In the iLo 2 User Guide, two topologies are explained for connecting iLo to the network. One is a dedicated network for iLo and the other has the iLo port plugged into the corporate network. I chose to create a dedicated iLo network.

Trouble is, I cannot see the System Management Homepage through the iLo port.

The Insight Manager Web Agent URL is set to the static IP address of the iLo plus port 2301; When I click on Insight Agent, it opens a new browser window and I get Page Cannot Be Displayed.

I guess I had it in my head that I could access the System Management Homepage through iLo 2. Am I mixed up about that?

The drawing on page 19 of the iLo 2 User Guide shows a Management Client on that dedicated network. Is that the SIM CMS?

The documentation on page 85, Insight Agents, sounds like iLo 2 can deliver the System Management Homepage but doesn't mention a configuration of a dedicated network for iLo.

Is this a valid topography for iLo and SIM? Please advise.

Okay, I just realized that I don't have an iLo 2 port in that DL360 G4. It is iLo. Does that make the difference?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Valid iLo/SIM topography? Cannot see SMH

Nope, no difference between iLO and iLO2. HP SIM would have to have presence on both the iLO management network and the network the host is on in order to access both iLO and SMH.