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Version Contol Agent on ESX

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Version Contol Agent on ESX

I have attempted to install the version control agent for Linux on ESX, it installs OK but when I select the agent, I get a message saying "The application is not available".

Do you know if the version control agent is supported for ESX ?

If not, are there any plans to make this available, we would really like to be able to check at least the firmware levels on all of our ESX boxes using Insight Manager.
Rich Purvis
Honored Contributor

Re: Version Contol Agent on ESX

Currently, Version Control is not supported on ESX. The agents and other software that is delivered for ESX is currently not in a PSP format. Linux based VC has some reliance right now on the PSP. When a supported ESX PSP is available then VC should be workable for ESX. I believe this to be in plan but cannot commit to a timeframe at this time.

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