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Version Control Agent freezes BL35p

Don Levinson
Occasional Contributor

Version Control Agent freezes BL35p

I upgraded to VCA (using PSP 7.80A) on my BL35p servers and now the VCA freezes and times out, it is the hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe cgi progam, the program freezes on the Storage Discovery stage.
If I rename the c:\hp\hpsmh\data\cgi-bin\vcagent\Discovery directory to something besides Discovery, then all appears to work.
The only storage devices on my BL35p blades are the built in IDE and the Qlogic fibre-channel HBA that is connected to a couple MSA 1500cs storage controllers.

Re: Version Control Agent freezes BL35p

I am having a very similar issue. Each time I go to the version control agent I get a timeout message from System Management homepage. I also get the timeout the first time I load the System Management homepage.

I noticed in the Windows task manager that hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe is running/loaded multiple times. Basically each time I get the timeout message another hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe loads into memory.

Anyone, have any ideas on this?