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Version Control Agent cp010920 & cp012775 mix-up

Jens Teglhus Møller
Occasional Advisor

Version Control Agent cp010920 & cp012775 mix-up


This post is related to the following thread:


There seems to be a mix-up between the VCA packages cp010920 (HP ProLiant PCI-express Power Management Update for Windows Version & cp012775 (HP ProLiant Smart Array P700m Clustering Support Software for Windows Version

When you install the former VCA insists on upgrading it as the latter. This will fail and you will still have the warning about the need for upgrade.

I really think HP should fix this issue and I'm writing here in the hope that someone will notice the issue.

This should be reproduceable on a DL385 G6 running Windows Server Standard 2008 R2, but i have seen it happen on other configurations as well.

Best regards Jens
Trusted Contributor

Re: Version Control Agent cp010920 & cp012775 mix-up


can check above Customer Advisory for smiler issue, & workaround to create CSB can be used as a temporary solution from that CA, till it is fix in VCA.

Jens Teglhus Møller
Occasional Advisor

Re: Version Control Agent cp010920 & cp012775 mix-up

Hi Logapriyan

Thanks for the link. I believe i googled pretty hard without finding that one.

Still seems like a pretty complicated workaround, how hard can it be to fix this issue.

Did i mention that i'm not too impressed with the quality of the hp management software.

Well enough bitching from my part, thanks again.

Best regards Jens