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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

We are using VCEM Version 1.10 inkl. SP1
After update the firmware of the virtual connect modules in a c7000 blade center to V1.32 we have no possibility to connect between VCEM and the Virtual Connect Manager. We can´t create a virtual connect domain group for our virtual connect domain over VCEM, the following error message shows up:
"the operation could not be performed because VC Manager has a firmware version that is not supported. Verify the VC Manager using a firmware version listed in the Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager Support Matrix."
But I can´t find a VCEM firmware that should support the V1.32 firmware of the virtual connect modules. Any ideas?
Martin Smoral
Trusted Contributor

Re: Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

from the VC FW V1.32 rel notes:

VCEM v1.10 does not import and manage Virtual Connect domains configured with VC firmware
â ¢ An attempt to import a VC domain running VC v1.32 firmware is blocked by VCEM.
â ¢ Updating an existing VC domain managed by VCEM with VC firmware v1.32 results in a failed
â ¢ The planned release of VCEM v1.20 is expected to support VC v1.32 and provide greater
compatibility with existing and future VC firmware releases. For details on VCEM v1.20 software
availability, contact your HP representative.