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WBEM Agents ... two problems

Honored Contributor

WBEM Agents ... two problems

I am trying to use the WBEM agents to monitor/manage physical servers running Windows 2012.  I have two problems:


1) SIM is not updating the status of the managed node after the node is fixed for a given problem.  For example, if the node has 3 NICs unplugged, SIM shows and error as does the SMH.  If I disable the NICs in the OS, SMH clears up as expected but SIM never updates.  It still shows an orange status indicator.  Other servers, running classic SNMP agents, do not have this problem.  SIM updates the status once a problem is resolved.


2) Subscribe to WBEM Events fails.  I get this error:


FAILED to create indication subscription.

Cause: Subscriptions are not supported

Recommended Action: Install the HP WBEM providers, if already installed re-identify the node and try to subscribe again.


I do have the WBEM providers installed, and everything is properly identified in SIM indicating WBEM is working correctly.  Management Protocols shows WBEM is setup:


Management Protocols HTTP:1.0, WBEM:1.0, SMH:


Does anyone have a suggestion?



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Re: WBEM Agents ... two problems

I solved my first problem.  WBEM was unchecked in the "Hardware Status Polling" job.

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Re: WBEM Agents ... two problems

I had to give the account used to do WBEM discovery in SIM, admin rights to the managed node in order for WBEM subscriptions to work.


Does anyone know if there is a way to subscribe to WBEM events with using an account that has local Admin permissions?  This is for Win2012 R2.




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Re: WBEM Agents ... two problems

Hello Nelson,


You can also use an other account for your WMI/WBEM discovery and subscriptions. You have to set the folloing:


To enable remote access of the Insight Providers through WMI for non-administrator user accounts:

1. Add the standard user account to the Distributed COM Users group.

2. For the following namespaces, add the standard user account to namespace security:

o root\HPQ

o root\HPQ\default

o root\HPQ\TestEvent

o root\Interop

o root\CIMv2

3. To add the standard user account to namespace security, complete the following steps for each name space:

a. Right-click My Computer > Manage > Services and Applications.

b. Right-click WMI Control.

c. Click Properties.

d. Select the Security tab.

e. Select the namespace.

f. Click the Security button. For the standard user, verify that permissions are set as follows:

— Execute Methods

— Full Write

— Partial Write

— Provider Write

— Enable Account

— Remote Enable

— Read Security

— Edit Security


 You need provider write to set the subscription.


Kind regards,



Kind regards,

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Re: WBEM Agents ... two problems

Would this work:


1) Install WBEM agents as normal using a non-admin account

2) Add to SIM using a discovery jobs that authenticates with the same non-admin account used in the agent install

3) Temporarily give the non-admin WBEM account admin rights to the box

4) Subscribe to WBEM events in SIM

5) Remove the admin rights


Steps 1-2 already work - we are able to use a non-admin account to add the node to SIM and we get full inventory and status changes.


So if we do steps 3-5, would WBEM subscriptions continue to work even after admin rights are removed?  In other words is admin rights needed just to CREATE the subscription, or is also need to send the alerts even after the subscription had been created.