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WBEM - HPUX root access needed?


WBEM - HPUX root access needed?

Hi all,

We are trying to use SIM to manage oru HPUX inventory.

For security reasons our systems don´t allow root login using ssh, you have to login as a normal user and then execute "su -" if you want to be root.

All the systems have been recently installed(we have just migrated from 11.11 PA-RISC to 11.23 Itanium) and have the necessary WBEM providers.

In WBEM protocol settings we have configured a normal user without root privileges and when we discover HPUX
systems we can see some things but no other information(i.e. software, lvm info...)

In a test system I have allowed root login from ssh and have configured root password in SIM. In this case SIM
obtain much more info.

In other test system I have changed the property: enableSubscriptionsForNonprivilegedUsers(using cimconfig command),in this case I get some more info(lvminfo output) but not all(like software list info)

Any idea?