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WBEM, VMM, Disk space on VMs

Nancy Kafer
Frequent Advisor

WBEM, VMM, Disk space on VMs

I've been reading a lot of posts regarding getting disk space usage stats from virtual machines. I have installed VMM 3.5 and it appears to be pulling my VM host/guest information.

I haven't found anyway to monitor disk space usage on the virtual machines themselves. Does anyone know if VMM 3.5 has that capability?

I've seen where the recommendation has been to enable WBEM on the VM guest and then run reports.

I did the following:

1) Selected my VM Guest and then "Options, Protocol Settings, System Protocol Settings"
2) Checked "Enable WBEM" and specified my credentials

This task completed successfully.
3) I ran the "Bi-Weekly Data Collection" task.
4) Ran the report "Logical Disk" report

All I see on my report are the actual physical Windows servers.

I also checked the VM itself to see if the "Virtual Machine Disk Partitions" showed anything. I see nothing here either.

What am I missing to get this to work?
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: WBEM, VMM, Disk space on VMs

WBEM should work for disk storage data collection. But the percentage used figure is always wrong.
Another way I've done this is to use the data in the VirtualCenter Database.
I've written a small perl script that's called from a web page to pull the disk space usage from there.