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WBEM aiuthentication to ESXi in HP SIM 7.2

chris sales

WBEM aiuthentication to ESXi in HP SIM 7.2

hi, i am running HP SIM 7.2 and using Insight Remote Support.  WHen i try to discover any of my esxi5.1 servers running on Proliant Gen8 hardware, i get the following message ...


Protocol : Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM)

Service : Subscription Manager


Status : FAILURE

Description : The WBEM subscription to <server name>has failed.

Detailed : 1. Check that the connectivity check has passed. Without connectivity, subscriptions will not succeed. 2. Check that the credentials are still valid.


I have configured the WBEM credentials in the credentials tab under Administrator settings.  SNMP and RIBCL are ok.  Just WBEM - any idea how to resolve ?  I have set the WBEM credential to the same as the root password for the esxi servers 

Esteemed Contributor

Re: WBEM aiuthentication to ESXi in HP SIM 7.2

Have you checked that the ESXi firewall is open to send WBEM indication back to your SIM Server?

If you can expand the WBEM status on the system page and you can see the details memory  network ...

Your credentials are alright  but the the host can not send a response back in case of a HW problem.


Do you use the right ESXi image for the gen8 HW from the HP download site?