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WBEM event subscription to HP workstation fails

steukers erik
Occasional Contributor

WBEM event subscription to HP workstation fails


I want to monitor the hardware status of some important HP xw4600 workstations.
HP has released the softpack SP38117, the Client Management Interface (CMI).
It was revised this summer since lastly being released in 2007.

The ClientManagment Interface is in fact a WMIprovider software to be able to
read/set configuration values (BIOS), read sensor related values,
device failures (see p7 of attached document).

I am merely interested in the workstation device failures, temperature alarms, ventilator alarms etc.

The sole tool I want to use is an HPSIMserver using the WMI protocol to do a WBEMevent subscription to this CMI WMI provider software.
(to manage HP workstations equally as HP servers can be monitored using WBEM hardware events instead of SNMP hardware based events)

To test this I have installed the Client Management Ineterface software on my HP poratble 6510b, also supported by the SP38117, since I have no xw4600 workstation available.

I do use a specific local administrator account on the portable to
execute the WMIquieres from the HPSIMserver.

I am able to discover my portable from the HPSIM server and query the configuration using the HPSIM GUI.
However I cannot seem to subscribe
for WBEM events from the portable, despite that SP28117 is installed and the credentials for WBEM query are correct.
(ref. the configuration properties can be consulted after discovery).

The message given back from the HPSIM task is.

Create Subscriptions for:
FAILED to create indication subscription.

I do think the setup is valid and could be used to subscribe for WBEM events from workstations, no?

Have you audience experimented with the possibility to try and monitror WMIbased hardware alarms from HP workstations?

I also have installed the counterpart of the CMI, the Client Management Interface Toolkit (SP29792) on the portable and can use a toolkit tools query example to interrogate the BIOS.
The EnumSensors.wsf example script however does not return me any hardware objects with state, temperature or RPM value.

I then started using the Microsoft WMI CIM studio tool and have noticed that indeed the portable does not return any instances for:


Could it be the HP portable 6510b hardware is too simplistic for my tests and I need to
use a real xw4600 workstation to have these sensors?

Many thanks for your valuablefeedback
(especially if software setup is feasible).
Kind regards,