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WBEM not authenticating on MDS FC switches

David Nicholls
Occasional Contributor

WBEM not authenticating on MDS FC switches

Previously I had HPSIM working so that it could pull information from MDS 9126A and MDS 9120 Fibre Channel switches.

I suspect it broke after upgrading to 5.2.

When doing a discovery I get

[WBEM] System identified as WBEM instrumented but no usable WBEM credentials available. Check configuration and rerun Identification.
Root Cause: Identification failed to generate relevant WBEM credentials for target system.
Corrective Action: Check network and configuration of target system. Check the following pages to ensure appropriate WBEM credentials and port number data are provided: Global Protocol Settings, System Protocol Settings. Rerun Identification and Data Collection.

I've set the system protocol settings with a user name/password and told it to use port 5989.

I have tested with wbemdico and got information returned.

Interestingly for those on 3.2.3 firmware information is returned on root/pg_interop and not on root/cimv2 where as those on 2.1 are the reverse.

I have also noticed that in the device details view in HPSIM 'Ports' expandable element is no longer visible unless I manually change the sub-types to SMI.

Any ideas on what broke?
Matthew M Burgess
Occasional Visitor

Re: WBEM not authenticating on MDS FC switches

Hi David,
Did you find a resolution for this? I have exactly the same issue on a Cisco 9124.

wbemdisco returns successfully when using:

5989 admin/password root/cimv2
David Nicholls
Occasional Contributor

Re: WBEM not authenticating on MDS FC switches

After updating to SIM with SP2 it just kicked in and worked.