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WEBES service obligation is about to expire

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WEBES service obligation is about to expire

We are getting the following and I wanted to know the impact to our install of SIM. We are a month or so away from upgrading to v6 and I wanted to see what we would be losing during that time period


The following service obligation for Web-Based Enterprise Services Common Components for Windows V5.6 Update2 (Build 128), member of Web-Based Enterprise Services Suite for Windows V5.6 Update2 (Build 128) is going to run out.


During HP's service obligation period (warranty or service contract) your system has been supported by HP Services' industry leading fault analysis and configuration tools. These tools are designed to insure maximum system availability by proactively predicting problems and identifying failing components before system operation is affected.  They also enable HP Services to quickly diagnose and repair sudden system failures.

jim goodman
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Re: WEBES service obligation is about to expire

Insight Remote Support Advanced WEBES will simply stop phoning home at some point due to the expiration of support for that version. If you have the auto download and install it wouldn't run into it and it would be a good practice to enable that. It doesn't install anything that would typical need admin priviledges to do - your admin credentials only authenticate your priviledge to authorize the auto update.


SIM won't be impacted at all.

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Re: WEBES service obligation is about to expire

Yep, you must upgrade WEBES once a year to keep things ticking over ;)

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