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WMI Mapper 7.2 - windows 2008 & 2012 security settings

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WMI Mapper 7.2 - windows 2008 & 2012 security settings

The release notes for version 2.7.1 say that

"WMI Mapper and WMI Mapper Indications  services with least privileges for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Windows 7, WMI Mapper service runs as "NT SERVICE\WMI Mapper" and WMI Mapper Indications Service runs as "NT SERVICE\WbemConsumer" on these 2 respective platforms.


Version 7.2 notes say

"Changed WMI Mapper installer to install services with least privileges even on Microsoft Windows Server 2012"


Release notes:


The install notes for WMI mapper say that for 2003 and XP, extra DCOM permissions must be added.


I need to setup hardware monitoring in a secure environment.  I can't use SNMP, and I can't have the DCOM permissions set the way they need to be set for 2003.


When I install WMI Mapper on 2008, it auto-sets the DCOM permissions the way it does for 2003.


I can't find any good documentation on how/why 2008/2012 is more secure that 2003.  Does 2008/2012 need those extra security holes that 2003 does?  What do those release notes mean - how is 2008 more secure?  What is the 'least priveledges' - is that some type os special / custom install?


How can I install WMI Mapper on Windows 2008 (or 2012) and have it not require the DCOM holes listed for 2003?

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Re: WMI Mapper 7.2 - windows 2008 & 2012 security settings



because of the statement of Microsoft, that starting with Windows Server 2012 SNMP isn't supported anymore (it's there and usable but when you have problems you won't get support by MS), we also tried to move to WBEM. After few weeks of problems and investigations (we also had a Call at HP open) we decided to move away from HP SIM and now we try to make the hole HW Mangement with MS SCOM and Insight Control Plugins.


The main reason was, that we found out that you have to configure a lot more with WBEM based management (compared to SNMP when managing 1000+ servers) and you can work only with full administrator accounts (the settings described in the user guides from HP regarding to WBEM Management with non-administrative accounts didn't work)...


So, as far as we are informed the WBEM based management isn't as enterprise friendly as the SNMP based management was...




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Re: WMI Mapper 7.2 - windows 2008 & 2012 security settings

I was running in the same problem, WMI install (update Insight Manager 7.2.2) has no primissions / windows server 2012.


I delete the WMI services in windows services, reboot de server and install only the WMI mapper 7.2 again, this time without issues. And IRS is "green" again. So in my case is the problem solved.