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Welcome/warning banner

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Chris Bartram
Respected Contributor

Welcome/warning banner

Is it possible to configure a site-specific welcome/warning banner either before the login page or via embedding text in the login page of HP SIM?




Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

Re: Welcome/warning banner

Not sure if it works in the newest version, but up to SIM 6.3 you can edit the file

  <drive>\HP\Systems Insight Manager\hpwebadmin\webapps\ROOT\login.jsp

to add things like pre-filling the domain field.


Sadly the original ITRC thread from 2006 has been mangled, so here is the original post




There is a way to modify this.

On your HP SIM server, search for a file named: login.jsp
the one you are looking for should be located under: <drive_and path>\"HP\Systems Insight Manager\hpwebadmin\webapps\ROOT"

Make a backup of this file and then edit the following line:

<input type="text" name="<%=MxLoginPage.DOM_DOMAIN%>" id="<%=MxLoginPage.DOM_DOMAIN%>" onKeyup="resetPageRefreshTimer()" maxlength='<%=MxLoginPage.MAXLENGTH_DOMAIN%>'value="XXX">

Where XXX is your domain.

A normal none-modified line of that looks like this:

<input type="text" name="<%=MxLoginPage.DOM_DOMAIN%>" id="<%=MxLoginPage.DOM_DOMAIN%>" onKeyup="resetPageRefreshTimer()" maxlength='<%=MxLoginPage.MAXLENGTH_DOMAIN%>'>

hope this helps



Chris Bartram
Respected Contributor

Re: Welcome/warning banner

As I examined the login.jsp file you mentioned, I see the following code within it... Perhaps there is a documented means of adding site-specific banners/prompts to the login page after all? Any details on this?


    // support to add custom prompt to login page
    File f = new File(application.getRealPath("prompt"));
    if (f.exists())
        JspRuntimeLibrary.include(request, response, "prompt", out, false);

Valued Contributor

Re: Welcome/warning banner

Yes, it is very much possible with HP SIM

Here is the procedure to modify the Welcome banner:

(Screenshots attached for ref. example)

Step 1: Navigate to:
C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\config\globalsettings.props

Step 2: Open globalsettings.props file & find


Step 3: After the equal sign (=) add a space then the text which you want to enter

Step 4: Save the file

Step 5: Open HP SIM page, you will see it with the modified banner



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