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What Ports to Open on Firewall

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What Ports to Open on Firewall



We have setup a HPSM 7.2 CMS on Windows VM (OS - 2012). This CMS is in NATed infra zone.


I've gone through Installation guide and found a list of ports/protocols there that should be open on Windows firewall at Os level. So we have diabled Windows Firewall feature/service.


I would request to please let me know what all ports should we open/allow on LAN Firewall so that HPSIM works correctly. So far, it is not even discovering itself and VCRM is not available.


Any information would be greatly appriciable.


Thank you,


Michael Leu
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Re: What Ports to Open on Firewall

Have a look at the A.05.80 HP Insight Remote Support Advanced and Remote Device Access Security Overview . There is a good picture in the chapter "Architectural Overview" on page 13.

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Re: What Ports to Open on Firewall



following white paper shows a good table on page 12: