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What devices i can monitor

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What devices i can monitor

Hi All,


Is there any clear cut list where i can see what all hardware i can monitor using HP SIM



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Re: What devices i can monitor

If you go to Manage System Types under Options, you can see what SIM can get events from out of the box.  However, as with most SNMP monitoring tools, they can get events from just about anything once you import a valid MIB set.


Dell has a very good document on how to import Dell MIB sets for Array Manager and OpenManage.  HP also has a document (not updated in a while) for adding non-HP hardware:Managing Non-HP Hardware in SIM.  We are in the process of adding in IBM and Fujistu-Siemens now.   You may not always get health status, but you can at least get properly interpreted events.    If you add devices into SIM and see 'Unregistered Events', then you know you are missing the MIBs and SIM can't figure out what the message is.  The MIB will be displayed in the event so you can do some research on what it is to find what you need to import.