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Where do you set rising critical thresholds?

Lenny Davis
Regular Advisor

Where do you set rising critical thresholds?

I setup my SIM console (4.2) to email me with alarms well over 1 year ago but as I receive so many I rarely check them. How do you change the thresholds? EG I receive an alarm if a citrix server CPU utilization goes over 90% but I have no idea where this vaue of 90% is set. From Insight Manager on the server in question, if I go into Processors from the Performance box, the thresholds are not even set, so where does it get this 90% from? If I can work this out I can then perhaps work out where the other threshold are coming from.


fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Where do you set rising critical thresholds?


Probably on the SMH of the selected servers : under the performance square / processors. There you can set threshold to generate alerts. see attached jpg.

You can use the replicate agent setteings to modify the thresholds on multiple servers.


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