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Which SNMP agents do I need?


Which SNMP agents do I need?



I want to monitor the managed server in HP SIM via SNMP. I know that I have to install some agents on the managed servers to ensure that all works fine.

But in other posts I read that there are several agents to monitor different SNMP infos. So I'm not sure which ones I need to install. I want to monitor as much infos as possible.


Can you please provide me the names of the needed SNMP agents or even bether the download links?




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Re: Which SNMP agents do I need?

What OS are you needing this for?


Re: Which SNMP agents do I need?

For Windows Server - we have got some Windows Server 2003 Standard, many Windows Server 2008 R2 and some Windows Server 2012 Standard.

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Re: Which SNMP agents do I need?

Hello Simli27,


You should install subagents when using Windows 2003 that is when you use the SNMP agents. When you use the WBEM provider you don't need the extra subagents. WBEM agents should be used on Windows 2008 R2 and above. Windows 2003 can use either WBEM or SNMP. If you use old hardware you should stick with SNMP newer hardware could also run WBEM.


When you use SNMP agent you only need to install one package, the "Hp Insight Management Agents for Windows Server 2003/2008" or the 64bits version of that package. When you use WBEM don't forget to set subscriptions on the events otherwise you won't get your events from the server, SNMP works with SNMP traps that are configured in the SNMp stack or SMH agent on the server you installed the Managment agents on.



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Re: Which SNMP agents do I need?

Management Agents can be installed in two ways:
• Manually using the SmartStart autorun menu
• Manually using the HP Management CD


Please go through below HP document (Hope it helps...)




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