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Win 2003 or Win 2003 64bit

Albert Austin
Esteemed Contributor

Win 2003 or Win 2003 64bit

Could someone tell me which is a better/faster OS for SIM Win 2003 or Win 2003 64bit? Also if there is any availble technical documents about this comparison. Thanx
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Win 2003 or Win 2003 64bit

HP SIM is a Win32 application whether run on Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 for Extended 64 Systems. HP SIM is not particularly processor-intensive and in general benefits more speed-wise from optimizations that are I/O-intensive in nature (e.g. faster disk, more memory).

A new HP SIM Sizer has been published to assist in selecting optimum configurations for your environment. --> Technical Support --> Configuration help to size your servers
Albert Austin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Win 2003 or Win 2003 64bit

Thank you.
Ross Humphryes
Frequent Advisor

Re: Win 2003 or Win 2003 64bit


Just to expand on you question!

Do you know or maybe somebody else knows...

We are migrating to 64bit Win 3003 on HP AMD Blade servers and was wondering if there is any documentation supporting the SIM support in the Windows 64bit environment.

So SIM is a 32bit application.
But, does the SIM server and database both need to be on 32bit systems or do they both run fine on 64bit.

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