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Windows Security Event Log collecting

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Sebastian Siwek
Occasional Contributor

Windows Security Event Log collecting

Is it possible to collect Security Event Log with SIM? I want to get alert on windows logon failure for example...
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Windows Security Event Log collecting

Hi Sebastian,

Security event logs can be obtained through:

Systems and Events->Events->Login events->All Login and Logout Events/ All failed Login Events.

There are two ways to view these events:
â ¢ View them under All Events, which is always done by default.
â ¢ View them under event collections using the Advanced Search capability.
For HP SIM 4.x, you must use Advanced Search and search for events where the event category selection name is HP Service Events and type name is any. From here, you can select View to see the HP Service Events, or you can select Save As to create a collection category. This collection can be viewed under the left panel based on the location where you saved it.
â ¢ In HP SIM 5.0, this search is performed by default with the All HP Service Events located under Events->Service Events in the Systems and Events panel.

Hope this works!!!!

M D Tizzard
Occasional Advisor

Re: Windows Security Event Log collecting

If you are looking to monitor Windows events you have to do the following:

1. ensure SNMP agent is configured correctly
2. Use evntwin.exe to map events to traps
3. Either confogure SIM to accept unregistered events or import the correct MIB.

Go to and look at the howto's for a fuller description.