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Windows Services Alert/Restart?

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Windows Services Alert/Restart?

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help shed some light on an issue we're having. I appreciate the help, and thanks in advance!

Is it possible to setup an email alert to be associated with a particular event regarding a service on a Windows server?

Also is there a way to have HP Insight Manager restart the particular service in question?

Basically this is regarding our exchange configuration, occasionally emails from external sources stop being processed and we find that there is something in the event viewer that points this out. I'd like to setup an email alert if possible, and even further, if we can setup an auto restart of that service to go with this alert that would be great.

I hope you can help!
Thank you!

fred Passeron
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Re: Windows Services Alert/Restart?

Hi there,

which version of Exchange are you talking about ? 2003 2007 ?

Theoritically possible :
How ?
1/On the exchange server
a-configure the Insight Agents (in the control panel)so that the exchange processes are monitored using the process monitor tab. Select start and stop in the selected process' options.
Now on the snmp setting tab, fill the server role window with the relevant application (exchange in your case) running on the server.

2/From the HP SIM server :
1/Deploy and configure Openssh on the exchange server (SSH will be used to run a script remotely to the exchange server to restart a service). To do so : select the exchange server and go to the deploy menu and select deploy drivers, firmwares and agents / deploy openssh.
2/Create a custom tool using the wizard to restart the exchange service
3/Create an automation task to trigger the restart of the exchange service (by launching the newly created custom tool) when recieving an alert from systems whose server role = exchange and with event type = ProLiantApplications events / process monitor event trap 11011 ("A monitored process has either started or stopped running.").

Easy ? :-)

Point 2 details :
Menu tools / new custom tool wizard /remote tool:
use the following command sc [command] [service name] ..pass all the necessary parameters in the command and parameters tab.
main problem would be to know which service to restart for exchange relies on more than one service. The script should check all of them...and restart them properly.

Hp sim is mainly a hardware monitoring tool, it can do very litle in terms of application monitoring. It is more OVO's job to take care of this.

Hope it helps


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