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Winevnt help!

Frequent Advisor

Winevnt help!


Yes I know its not recommended to do this based on previous people's experience... but I only want to receive alerts from HPSIM on one service on one box...

Any help would be appreciated...

So winevnt is running and I have configured it to send SNMP traps from Service Controller Manager when a service status is changed... event 7036 to be precise.

In HP SIM I have turned on accept unregistered events and it appears as so:

Event description: A genericUnregistered trap signifies that a system has sent a trap to the management server for a MIB that has not yet been compiled. Try compiling any MIBs from the vendor for this system to obtain additional information. See Details for more information.

cpqGenTrapID: 6
cpqSpecTrapID: 1073748860

Now I have a MIB I am trying to write, which compiles and is loaded into HP SIM, and I can go to it using the SNMP Trap Settings, and select it, and it exposes all the traps put in the mib (Taken from Eric A Hall and modified)...

However for some reason (probably something I have done) the OID I have in the file is not matching up (But I have basically walked the path in the mib)...

Any hints...
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Winevnt help!

The HP Agents can detect service stops / starts. What are you trying to do outside of that?
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Re: Winevnt help!


I am only trying this out because foolishly it looked like it could be a good base to have vbscript consumers loaded on the box which trigger event log entries, which can then be fired back to HP SIM for completely custom error and log reporting on HPSIM..

Its either working this out, or attempting to use HP's pre loaded WBEM Provider... (Which has no documentation)