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Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests

Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests

Hi all


I have a couple of vSphere VMs running Windows server which have multiple NICs attached to different networks, e.g. MSCS heartbeat NIC. These VMs are not directly managed by SIM but have been detected via the vSphere hosts.


Unfortunately SIM is attempting to monitor these servers via the "wrong" IP address, which is not accessible from the CMS. For example if my CMS is and my cluster node VM is with a heartbeat address of (not routable from, SIM shows the primary IP address for the VM. The VMs appear as down in SIM with a message "The system is down, or the system has a firewall that prevents any access." in Health Status (ping failed).


If I try to Edit System Properties on the VM, the only option in the Primary IP drop-down list is the "wrong" address. In vSphere the virtual machine summary page shows the "correct" IP address by default and also the other address under "View All". The "Correct" address is assigned to Network adapter 1 in the VM settings.


Is there a way to force HP SIM to monitor the VM guest via an IP address I specify?


Re: Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests

Have the same problem and would also love to find a solution to this.

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Re: Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests



Have you added the vCenter to the SIM in Options VMware vCenter Settings?


a far as i noticed HP SIM tries to add the VM with the IP wich is listed in the vSphere Client on the Summary Tab. HP SIM takes the first one listed here. The first IP shown in the Summary Tab is the IP from the first Network Adapter in Windows. Take a look on your Windows Server in Network Connection Settings. There you have the Advaned Options with Adapters and Bindings. Move your Network Adapter you want the IP to show up in SIM to the top and restart the VMware Tools. Now you have the IP from this Netwok Adapter listed as first in the vSphere Summary Tab. Thats the one wich should show up in SIM.




Re: Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests

Hello all,


the same problem by me.


VMs with 2 nics: 10.4.x.x (primary and routable) and backup nic in 192.168.x.x (secondary in not routable network)

Bindings order in OS is correct. vCenter shows it also correctly.

HP SIM discovered esxi 4.1 host and VMs on it successfully, but  few VMs are added to SIM with 192.168.x.x ip as primary.


Any solutions here?



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Re: Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests


I too am having problems with Windows VMs in HP SIM.

The servers were initially deployed with 1 or 2 nics using Insight Orchestration.
They since have had an additional NIC added for a backup LAN.
The nics were added in vcenter and logical servers refreshed in VSE.

I noticed in Virtual Center Summary Tab the backup NIC was the Primary IP.
This does seem to follow the TCP binding order in the guest (ncpa.cpl advanced settings from windows 2008).


I have corrected the binding order so now vcenter appears correct but HP sim is only showing one IP in the primary IP dropdown list. This is as far as I can tell causing VSE Logical servers to fail the ping test.

I thought I would try removing the VM in SIM and doing a new discovery but,

If I try to remove the VM from SIM it says I cannot due to Parent child issues, I don't want to remove the Logical Server that is below the VM object in SIM as I don't know what affect this will have on VSE.


Is this safe to do?


Or do I need to change the networking in the VMS to reflect Primary IP address = NIC 1 , Secondary = Nic 2, etc... I have a suspicion this is already the case.

Many thanks,


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Re: Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests

Hi Peter.


I have the same issue and have corrected the NIC order in the managed VM and the correct IP shows in vCenter.  I have also manually added the correct IP address with MXNODE from this post but daily identify deletes the manually added IP and it reverts back to the “wrong” IP even with going into the managed server’s properties in SIM, select the manually added IP and put the tick into “Prevent the Discovery process from changing this system's primary IP address”.


We are using SIM 7.1, any other ideas?




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Re: Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests

Did you ever find a permanent solution to this issue?  I have a couple VM's that get discovered as the secondary IP and I also have some that get discovered with 169.254.x.x addresses.  There are no undefined NIC's in the VM, so I have no idea why it is getting those addresses.




Re: Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests

Hello there,


Got the same issue getting 169.254.x.x IP addresses instead of correct IP/hostname on most of Windows VM guest.


Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to address this kind of problem.



Paul Rickels
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Re: Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests

I see this too, on VMWare and Hyper-V guests.   A mystery wrapped in an enigma.  I found a hint that suggests the guests need to allow SIM to inventory, as in, credentials that SIM uses to talk to each guest in addition to what is provided by the wbem/wmi credential provide with host inventory.  Also looking in to a previous post on this thread regarding monitoring vCenter to get the details.  This may have some legs as vCenter shows the correct/desired ip4 address while the unreachable addresses are not listed.

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Re: Wrong primary IP on vSphere guests

We are also seeing the same issue for multiple NICS on VM Guest.  Windows OS binding order is correct  as well as the summary info for the VM guest.......Note: I also hardcoded the Metric in Windows OS network connections and that did not make a difference.  Wonder if the VM HOST itself has a setting for the Metric ? 

Has anyone discoverd a solution for this