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Xiotech ISE MIB and SNMP Generic Unregistered Traps

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Xiotech ISE MIB and SNMP Generic Unregistered Traps

We're running a brace of Xiotech ISE 1400 storage systems.  They are all registered in SIM (6.3 with all current hotfixes applied) and the Xiotech-supplied MIB has been compiled and loaded in to SIM.  When I look under "SNMP Trap Settings" the MIB is visible and can be configured with appropriate severity levels etc.


However, all the SNMP traps that we receive from the ISE systems appear as "Generic Unregistered"


Xiotech say it's not a problem with their MIB but a problem with SIM.


I have defined the system type in SIM using the OID and when I run discovery the systems are detected, identified and the correct type assigned - and yet SNMP traps from those systems all appear as "generic unregistered" which means they are essentially useless.


Has anyone else successfully imported the MIB into SIM and got it to work and can share the secret of their success?