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? about setting Disk Thresholds

Mike Earnheart
Occasional Advisor

? about setting Disk Thresholds

I'm trying to set disk thresholds through system management homepage on each each server.
I'm going through SHM -> operation system -> logical Disks, is this the correct area?
I can see the sliders and I can adjust them, but when I click on save thresholds, it resets them to zero. Am I doing something wrong here?
Is 'Disk Busy Time%' the same as disk capacity, doesn't quite seem right?

Thanks in advance,
Valued Contributor

Re: ? about setting Disk Thresholds

I'd say if this is the first time setting thresholds on the system, then the threshold reset values will also need set - for some odd reason (to me), these don't show on the homepage file system space used screen.

Set threshold values and threshold reset values using SIM, configure pull down then disk thresholds. This though, sets for all logical volumes in a system and doesn't allow a specific volume to be selected.
The slider triangles should then be set to the values you chose.

Check this thread (among others) for other pointers: -

Your method should work ok (if you keep a note of the reset values), but I think the method above will give an error perhaps relating to security certificate but if you can try it and see. Also check you agents version (latest is v7.6).