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Re: c7000 Bladesystem Switches

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c7000 Bladesystem Switches

We have installed a 2nd c7000 Bladesystem (in a new rack, not connected to the first one) and are trying to get everything discovered and identified in HPSIM. For the original system, HPSIM identified the rack, enclosure, onboard admins, and all interconnects. For the new c7000, we were able to identify the rack, enclosure, and onboard admins, but not the interconnects. I tried discovering them manually by pointing HPSIM directly at their IP addresses, but it only got the basic info as if you were discovering a standalone switch. For our older c7000, HPSIM displays each switch like "SBOA-BS1 in Encl. C7000-1", which seems to indicate that it identified them through the enclosure or onboard admin discovery. I am not sure why that did not happen for the new c7000. If you pull up the enclosure page in HPSIM, the graphic shows all the interconnect bays as being empty.

Any idea how to get it to populate the interconnects?
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Re: c7000 Bladesystem Switches

SIM gets switch data from enclosures OA using http.
just check if you get xml data using below command.


this will show you in your first enclosure how sim got the name and why not in second one. and then reply.

Re: c7000 Bladesystem Switches

SBOA-BS1 is the name got after resolving the IP to DNS name.
From your CMS/SIM, Can you do nslookup on those interconnect IPs to check if it can be resolved.
Also logon to OA, to see the interconnects health status and device names.
when discover OA, under options-->Discovery-->Configure general settings link-->Automatically discover systems in an enclosure when Onboard Administrator is discovered
have you enabled this option? If not enable this option to discover interconnects/servers when you discover OA
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Re: c7000 Bladesystem Switches

It was the Discovery General Options. It must have gotten changed during one of the HPSIM upgrades.