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combining server entries..?


combining server entries..?

We have been on 6.3 and when we discover a specific blade server it detects the MP and the HS as seperate items.

Also the server host name shows as the serial number in HP SIM, but on the blade admin it is the host name.


We have also just tried updating to version 7, then removing this blade and rediscovering this but again the same issues appear -


1) seperate entries for the MP and the HS - how can I combine these to show as one entry?


2) why is the host name showing as the serial number in HP SIM, but not on the blade itself (as this is correct)..?

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Re: combining server entries..?

Discover the iLO first then the server...SIM will associate them if you discover them in that order. Have you made the host name change on the device or just your Directory server env?
jim goodman
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Re: combining server entries..?

Expanding on what ICS wrote


If you discover the iLO first you'll get 2 records


They will look like this if you haven't discovered the server by IP or hostname yet but only the OA or iLO


1) ilo by itself showing in server then SN#

2) you'll get a server entry showing only a hostname by serial number with a MP status icon and an HS icon.


They are 2 distinct records one is server type and the other is management processor type and can't be combined, but #1 and #2 descrived above should reconcile and show a correct association to the server by hostname or ip.


To get a full server discovery correct hostname, ipaddy, etc you need to perform a discovery by IP or Hostname


Re: combining server entries..?



I will try this