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compiling Cisco mibs for SIM 5.0

Darren Paul Clark
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compiling Cisco mibs for SIM 5.0


New to SIM - we are mainly an HP box site, although we have some dell, snap appliance and other equipment. Networking wise we are cisco all the way - have installed SIM - can see all the HP kit with no problems, getting traps etc - having problems with the Cisco gear

SIM sees all the kit as a switch - cisco network device - having problems getting the MIBS compiled - getting the following error

Line 6: Error Defining Onject: expected a label,found reserved symbol Counter32 - compilation failed.

Anyone have any ideas.
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Re: compiling Cisco mibs for SIM 5.0

It's pretty obvious that there is something in Line 6 of the MIB that SIM doesn't like. Can you post a few lines?
Darren Paul Clark
Occasional Visitor

Re: compiling Cisco mibs for SIM 5.0

this is 1st mib

-- MIB created 6/25/99 12:58:12, by
-- SMIC (the next generation) version 1.6.29, November 22, 1994.


Counter32 ::= Counter
Gauge32 ::= Gauge
Integer32 ::= INTEGER (-2147483648..2147483647)

org OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { iso 3 }
dod OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { org 6 }
internet OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { dod 1 }
directory OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 1 }
mgmt OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 2 }
mib-2 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { mgmt 1 }
transmission OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { mib-2 10 }
experimental OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 3 }
private OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 4 }
enterprises OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { private 1 }
security OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 5 }
snmpV2 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 6 }
snmpDomains OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { snmpV2 1 }
snmpProxys OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { snmpV2 2 }
snmpModules OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { snmpV2 3 }


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Re: compiling Cisco mibs for SIM 5.0

So SIM has a problem with the line:

Counter32 ::= Counter

I suspect it will have a problem with the next two lines as well. And I also suspect there is something wrong with the syntax. But you will need to wait for someone who knows MIB syntax because I don't. Sorry I couldn't help further.
Lou Hudson
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Re: compiling Cisco mibs for SIM 5.0

Also just starting this week to experiment with Cisco devices & SNMP alerting in SIM-

Had the same exact issue as you when trying to compile some MIBs from Cisco site

found lots of Cicso MIBs under:
\SIM\Systems Insight Manager\mibs
evidently installed by default. At least these compile with no errors (and all reference MIBs are present)
my 'problem' is that all my new alert traps are going into the SIM "Unassigned" Event Type - I kinda thought it would create a 'Cisco' Event type category or at least throw them under the existing switch categories. Makes me thing I'm doing something wrong, any advice welcomed.
Hope this helps- jh
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Re: compiling Cisco mibs for SIM 5.0


I think the process is once you have compiled and installed new mibs you need to go into the protocol config in SIM and define the level of importance of each trap (ie informational, warning, major, critical). At least that is what I've found with third party mibs I've used from F5 and others.