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esxi5 on HP insight manager

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esxi5 on HP insight manager

I installed sim 6.2 on windows system.
I installed esxi 5.0 (with HP iso) and I discovered esxi 5.0 from Hp insight manager with success (with wbem and this procedure: then and I have subscribe to wbem event)
Now one ram (16 GB) in esxi server is broke but I don't received mail...and I cannot see error on the "all event" console sim  but in proprierties of server I see ram error.
Where is there problem?





Tushar Bajpai
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Re: esxi5 on HP insight manager

G8 and ESXi 5.0 are supported from HPSIM 7.0.


Now, the change in the health status: In the pictures i can't see supported protocols. I assume that WBEM is supported (as it is on ESXi :)) and the HP Wbem Agents are installed on the Server. 


Can you share the output of mxwbemsub -l nodename.


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\T Bajpai
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Re: esxi5 on HP insight manager

Did you open the ESXi firewall for the subscription?

Your SIM is able to read the WBEM information but by default no ESXi communication is allowed from the ESXi host to the SP SIM Server ;-(  VMware opinion is that this is for security reason we should open a case at HP.

For a test you can enable NFS Client see other discussions on this topic.


But If you move to ESXi5.1 for sure it will no longer work. HP seems no longer to support the traditional method of ESXi monitoring at least for Gen8. But you could use the passtrough option on the ILO to get a similar result.


Please let HP Support know that you have troubles.

If your ESXi host is under warranty or contract the software support for IRS 5.x or IRS7.0.5

is included. This is a HW failure monitoring problem which is covered by IRS!

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Re: esxi5 on HP insight manager

Thank's for your support.

I assume that firewall on esxi 5.o node is open because I receive the trap wbem when (for example) I unplug  a network cable. I have not tried to make same procedure for power supply or disks.

I can "subscribe a wbem event" with success....