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hp sim 6.2 blank snmp trap settings

Aaron Wookey
New Member

hp sim 6.2 blank snmp trap settings


I have installed 6.2 from scratch and added a bunch of servers in.

when i go to SNMP Trap Settings, most of the traps are blank, the first in the list is adaptec.mib this populates fine, details are in all fields.

If you select any other mib name, no details are populated. This means they cannot be configured.

I have tried reinstalling/re registering the stock 6.2 mib pack, both with the script and manually with mcompile etc.

I have attached 3 pics, one is the snmp mibs fully registered, a pic of the trap that works and one of a-typical selection that appears blank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, just spend 3 weeks upgrading firmwares and installing sim..

now this. many thanks in advance.

Honored Contributor

Re: hp sim 6.2 blank snmp trap settings

Did you ever get this fixed.  I am trying to disable the "link up" alersts I am gettings but all of the RFC mibs in SIM are blank and I cannot change them (such as turn them off).




Tushar Bajpai
Trusted Contributor

Re: hp sim 6.2 blank snmp trap settings



In Traps Details, it shows to which mib the trap is mapped to. Please use the name from there and disable the trap using SNMP Trap Settings inside Option.

if it helped, award me Kudos or Points. Thanks :)

\T Bajpai
HP Employee