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hp sim V 4.2 Issue

Occasional Contributor

hp sim V 4.2 Issue


I am using HP SIM v4.2 and I am having a problem when I try to start up HP SYSTEMS INDIGHT MANAGER.

The following message box comes up :

"Checking HTTP Server Status"

This error just keeps running.

The SNMP service is started / all the insight manager services are started.

I cannot login using https://servername:50000/
I get a page cannot be displayed error.

I can open up and access the local Insight manager homepage =

The Database is SQL server 2000 and the database is started.

Can anyone tell me what else I can check ?

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: hp sim V 4.2 Issue

You need to upgrade for all the reason in the world
1# SECURITE...there many many problem of securite.
2# ERROR Solution you will get more error from a version 4.2 then 5.1 sp1.
3# DST Sitution if only applied in the version 5.1
4#You get more option to manage you're system like CW(Contrat Waranty)

Did you change any securite on you re server ..this is a server proliant?
Wilbert Chin
Occasional Advisor

Re: hp sim V 4.2 Issue

I ran into a similar problem on SIM 5.0. I'm not sure if this helps with version 4.2 but look into the command: mxinitconfig

It's in the SIM command line interface reference guide.

I used "mxinitconfig -a" to fix the problem.