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hp sim detailed information in e-mail events

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hp sim detailed information in e-mail events

Hi,I have installed e
and HP SIM ver. 5.3 in WIndows Server 2003.
My problem is that when SIM send me an email, for example when an hard disk failed, in the mail there's not the SPARE PART NUMBER (of the disk) or the SERIAL NUMBER of the server.

Here's the mail that I receive:

Event Name: (SNMP) Physical Drive Status Change (3046)
URL: https://xxxxxxx:2381/
Event originator: xxxxxxx
Event Severity: Warning
Event received: 22-Jul-2009, 16:01:35

Event description: Physical Drive Status Change. This trap signifies that the agent has detected a change in the status of a drive array physical drive. The variable cpaDaPhyDrvStatus indicates the current physical drive status. User Action: If the physical drive status is failed(3) or predictiveFailure(4), replace the drive.

Location: Slot 0
ype: parallelScsi
FW Rev: HPB7
Serial Number: 1234567
Failure Code: 0
Bus: 1

there's a way to have additional information in email, so I can order directly the parts?