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hp system manager reinstall / ILO cards

Geeta Basant
Occasional Advisor

hp system manager reinstall / ILO cards

Hiya me again!!
After some amjor works group policy has changed the local admin account username and password that HP INSIGHT MANAGER was installed on and has since failed to work despite trying all fixes suggested.

I have a question I would be graeful for a prompt reply on

I have 100 server each with the ILO cards configured. Some have basic config some have he advanced plack installed.
My question is if i remove hp insight maanger program from my system,, and reinstall, would all my configurations on al 100 servers for the ILO card be retained ?

If so could I simply reinstall, and recan the relevant ip address range to pick up my preconfigured ILO cards, as amangement objects within hp insight manager ?

Please confirm