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hpsim 7.2 discovery blade enclosures

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hpsim 7.2 discovery blade enclosures



i'm currently deploying HP SIM in an environment with multiple vlans.

I've already succesfulle discovered a few c7000 blade enclosures in one vLAN.

There is one enclosure located in another vLAN, but I have more ports open to this one... However the detection fails.


The discovery logs shows:


Running OA Identifier which will discover systems in an enclosure
          if the automatic enclosure discovery option for OA is enabled...

The system responds to the HTTP request but cannot get the XML
          output. It is normal for servers not to get the XML data.



As fas as I know, this xml is what enables SIM to detect the blades :(


I've verified connection using http and https; both are working! I can browse to https://<ipofOA>/xmldata?item=all from the sim server... and HTTPS is listed as 'management protocol' on the OA.


In course of troubleshooting, I noticed the firmware for the OA was pretty old: 3.21 I've upgarded it to 3.71, but the same issue persists.


Someone any idea what I could possibly try?

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Re: hpsim 7.2 discovery blade enclosures

issue is identified: apparantly the xml is fetched using http, not https :(