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hpsmh scripted install and certificate

gianluca cecchi_1
Occasional Contributor

hpsmh scripted install and certificate

Trying to install 8.0 psp on rh el 4 x86_64.
Completed interactively and generated hppldu.cfg as a response file.
I want to use it in a scripted way on a server that has no connection with the CMS at the moment, but I would like to preset it.
For configuration I changed the xml file (bp000363.xml) so that all the hw-oriented drivers are marked to "no".
Run the installer as
./ --nui --inputfile hppldu.cfg

I have configured hpsmh to use TrustByCert and I have locally available on this server the CMS certificate file
(from a CMS connected server with the command
wget http://CMS_IP:280/GetCertificate)

The hpsmh rpm has a postinstall section where in scripted mode runs the temporary script and checks if the certfile is present in current directory. In this case it copies it to a local dir.
The code is

declare -a certarray
certarray=(`echo "$certlist" | awk 'BEGIN { FS = ";" } { for (i = 1; i <= NF;
i = i + 1) print $i }'`)
for cfile in "${certarray[@]}"; do
# echo $cfile
if [ -f $cfile ]; then
cp -vf $cfile /opt/hp/hpsmh/certs
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo "$cfile copied sucessfully!!!"
wget http://$cfile:280/GetCertificate -O $certfile

From what I understand, the certfile is named as the ipaddr of the CMS.
So I renamed the certfile to this IP and put it into the same local dir where I run ./

But it seems it doesn't work.... and so the script tries to wget it from the CMS host.
Anyone knows what is the current working directory when this check is executed?

The problem is that the wget command is run without any parameter, such as "-w" or "-t" and the default retry numner is 20.
And I have to wait 3min*20 = 1hour before completing the script....

Thanks for any hint.