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hpsum.exe hanging on cqmgserv.exe process

Alastair Harrison
Frequent Advisor

hpsum.exe hanging on cqmgserv.exe process

Up to PSP 7.7x I have happily installed a PSP via a command line using the following syntax:-

"setupc.exe /f /s /use-latest /reboot-always"
(run psp, force install, run silent without user intervention, use latest drivers & reboot)

Now with psp 7.9x onwards setupc has been replaced by hpsum and use-latest is no longer available as a qualifier. Instead I now use:-

"hpsum.exe /f /s /allow_update_to_bundle /reboot_always"

I have used the Microsoft Sysprep tool in combination with HP RDP to image a Proliant Server with a Windows Server 2003 x64 OS so it is portable, source hardware is a DL380G5.

I deployed my image on to a DL380G4, OS booted, autologon and ran the hpsum.exe command line above. Unfortunately hpsum does not verbosely display the install of the psp, it just leaves you with a blank screen and it appeared to hang for over half an hour.

Using Task Manager I noticed the cqmgserv.exe process just sitting there so I ended it, the psp continued and completed and rebooted the server. All device drivers installed correctly. I ran the command again which ran through without hanging.

Anybody aware of any issues with cqmgserv.exe when installing psp 7.91 via the command line or gui?

Is there a fix for this?