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https://localhost:50000 HP SIM

Vasilis Barbas
Occasional Advisor

https://localhost:50000 HP SIM


I install HP Systems Insight Manager on Primary AD, Win 2003 Std SP2.

The problem is that the web page of the SIM cannot open. Trying to locate https//localhost:50000

Actions so far:
1.I reistall the application but the same result.
2.I modify the password msPassword -d, but the same result

More info:
Services are ruinning
SQL running

Any ideas about??????

Thanks in adnance!


Vasilis Barbas
Occasional Advisor

Re: https://localhost:50000 HP SIM

Moreover, System Management Homepage runs without problem.


Re: https://localhost:50000 HP SIM

C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\logs
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Can you access SIM CMS start page from remote computer?
Honored Contributor

Re: https://localhost:50000 HP SIM

Assuming your SIM service is running, try to telnet to the server using port 50000:

telnet simservername 50000

You should get a flashing cursor after you run this command if it is working. It not, you will get something like:

"...could not open connection to the host, on port 50000..."

Also try this same thing from the server itself (on the console of the SIM server) using LOCALHOST:

telnet localhost 50000

and see if that works. This will tell you if the SIM application is up and running and listening on the correct port, both remotely and locally.

Occasional Advisor

Re: https://localhost:50000 HP SIM


I have the same problem,
Do you have found a solution ?