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huge log files in folder JBOSS

Renato Richina
Frequent Advisor

huge log files in folder JBOSS

I recently discovered that the file space on the SIM server is shrinking extremely.

I found out, that I have a growing number of large log files (over 500MB each) in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\jboss\server\hpsim\log

There is a file called server.log. There seems to be a backup of this file every day which is then called for example server.log.2008-09-12

This files are mostly between 500KB and 2-3 MB. However since a few days, there are many backup log files over 500MB.

I have currently several GB of log files in this folder - the disk space is limited on our SIM and I need a quick solution.

What are these log files for?
Can I restrict the file size of them?
Can I delete old one without problems?

Thanks for any help
Todd Schelin
Valued Contributor

Re: huge log files in folder JBOSS

I have several of these files as well. I would copy them off to free up some space until we get an answer to what they are and why we would need to keep them, as they are logged everyday. I have open many cases with HP and they have never asked me for logs out of that directory.

Does anyone from HP know what these would be used for and if they can be purged on a regular basis if the server is working?
Valued Contributor

Re: huge log files in folder JBOSS

I beleive you can purge these logs on regular basis. HPSIM folks would be interest for the logs only in logs directory in HPSIM installation folder.

Hope this helps.

Renato Richina
Frequent Advisor

Re: huge log files in folder JBOSS

Yes, I also think deleting has no negative impact, because I just had to (to prevent the hard disk beeing filled up).

However it would be nice to know, what is generating them and how to possible deactive the generation.
Floyd O
Occasional Advisor

Re: huge log files in folder JBOSS

Deleting is only a temporary workaround for this issue.

I have some 500MB, 600MB and up to 800MB of file sizes eating up the hard drive. This is crazy???

Does anyone know what is creating these files?