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iLO SSO Certificate problem

Occasional Contributor

iLO SSO Certificate problem

Doing some testing in our test environment and re-recreated the self signed cert on our SIM server. After that we re-configured the SSO trusted server setting on 3 different iLO's and retrieved the new cert from the SIM server.
Problem is that even after all that, iLO SSO refuses to work. Clicking iLO links from within SIM opens a new tab to the iLO, but SSO does not pass thru and you need to manually enter credentials.
On the iLO SSO settings page, the SIM server name is shown, you can hover over of the cert icon to see the name, dates, etc, but the status column has a yellow warning icon. Hovering over the yellow triangle shows nothing, so I have no idea what it is unhappy about.
iLO 2 firmware 2.08
SIM server     C.

jim goodman
Trusted Contributor

Re: iLO SSO Certificate problem

Craig assuming you have set Trust Mode to Trust by Cert it can actually take upwards of 24hrs for the status to go from Yellow to Green.


Re-run the Identify Systems task with the iLO credentials in either Global or the Discovery task after the cert is there it toggles the status and typically SSO works after that without having to wait.