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iLo Licensing under SIM 6.x

Dwayne Skinner
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iLo Licensing under SIM 6.x

I've been reading about the licensing under SIM 6.x. How some products consume a license where others can have one assigned then unassigned. Where can I go for a list of things that fall into each category? For example, if I want to know if an iLo will consume a license or just assign one for temporary use. Is there a list somewhere? Or am I completely confused on how this works?

My big concern is whether we will need to purchase licenses if we upgrade from SIM 5 to 6 and how much that will cost. It would be nice if I could do an inventory of our environment and see what would need licensing and how much that would. I'm also concerned about features no longer working once the upgrade is complete.

For example, if I upgrade to 6 and I don't have enough licensing for all my iLo's will the advanced features stop working on those iLo's?
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Re: iLo Licensing under SIM 6.x

ILO features will work after upgrade.

For management processor targets:

When a license is assigned to a management processor, a license record is created and stored in the License Manager database.

If the selected management processor is already licensed, you cannot replace that license with a new license from License Manager. You must first delete the existing license at the management processor console and then insert the new license (directly or using License Manger). However, Integrity MP does replace a demo key with a permanent license. If a permanent key is already present, Integrity MP displays a message such as License already Installed.

An assigned license cannot be unassigned from one management processor and assigned to another management processor. Licenses delivered directly to the actual target system cannot be unassigned because the behavior of the product operating with that license is outside the scope of License Manager.

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